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Revere Bank Supports Maryland Council on Economic Education

Revere Bank is proud to be a sponsor of the Maryland Council on Economic Education (MCEE). Since 1953, MCEE has focused on professional development that provides knowledge and resources to classroom educators. This development enables teachers to provide accurate economic and personal finance education to their students. MCEE’s mission is to assure that students from the Maryland school system leave high school with enough knowledge about economics and financial literacy so they can make informed decisions as members of the global economy. In 2016 alone, MCEE delivered 100 programs to 2,733 teachers, impacting 228,697 Maryland students.

Revere Senior Vice President Bob Barclay has served on MCEE’s board for the past year and a half where he helps with fundraising efforts and growing awareness for the organization.

“When I went away to college I was pretty clueless about finances. I never had a checking account and had no clue about credit cards, loans or anything finance,” said Barclay. “By providing a foundation of financial knowledge that will help kids make more educated and responsible financial decisions, MCEE is a great asset to Maryland students.”

For more information on MCEE, visit or contact Bob Barclay for ways to get involved.

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