Partnerships that Matter: When Banking and Teeth Align

Dr. Tigani

While juggling dozens of patients and multiple office locations, dentists don’t have time to deal with different banks to keep track of all their financial details. That’s why Dr. Stephen Tigani of Tigani Orthodontics uses Revere Bank as his one-stop shop for his practice’s banking needs.

“Revere provides that personal, community bank feeling,” said Dr. Tigani. “One of the best business decisions I’ve made is my banking relationship with Revere. They listen to me and understand my needs, and truly bend over backwards to help me.”

Dr. Tigani relies on Revere to help him provide his patients with the best care possible.

“My goal is to provide my patients with the best quality service that I can,” added Dr. Tigani. “Revere helps achieve my goals by providing capital so I can purchase the latest technology and equipment for my patients.”

Tigani Orthodontics has multiple locations in the D.C.-area, so Dr. Tigani and his staff require a bank that can manage the finances for all locations at once.

“With Revere, I can run my business from my desk. Revere’s online banking makes it very easy for me and my staff. We don’t have to go to a physical location, and they offer all the services that a national bank would without the corporate red tape,” said Dr. Tigani.

His relationship with his banking team is another factor Dr. Tigani appreciates from his partnership with Revere.

“My banker is no different than a friend I’ve had for 20 years,” said Dr. Tigani. “I can call or email him anytime and he responds to me quickly and takes care of what I need in a friendly and professional manner. Revere truly provides that old-fashioned banking feel.”

At Revere Bank, our partnerships help businesses become even more successful. We’re proud of the relationships we’ve built with local businesses to help improve the communities we serve.

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