Partnerships that Matter: Supporting the Entrepreneurial Spirit

Tony DeVol, owner of Tradition Title, has been in the title business for 30 years and has run two of his own title companies.

“I have always felt that I’m an entrepreneurial person. I like to control my own destiny,” said DeVol. “I like being able to make decisions and execute things in the manner I want. I make business and technology decisions without having to go through a bureaucratic process. I can do it on my own.”

When DeVol was searching for a bank to meet Tradition Title’s needs, he knew he wanted to work with people who would support him and his business— and not get in the way.

“I wanted a local bank with people that I could have a personal relationship with— and a team that had experience in our industry,” said DeVol. “Revere met those needs.”

Being an entrepreneur can be overwhelming, according to DeVol, but the Revere team helps him meet his goals.

“My goal is to grow Tradition Title’s presence in the marketplace, while increasing our efficiency,” added DeVol. “Revere’s technology and internet banking allows us to streamline our processes by giving us the ability to interact through the web. Plus, the small feel of Revere and our interaction with the same people for years makes our lives easier. We’re not having to reinvent the wheel.”

And with the large sums of money Tradition Title is constantly moving, the company relies on its bank to offer security.

“We’re concerned about wire transfer security, and the bank has been very proactive in assisting us with that,” said DeVol. “Revere is very responsive to our needs and our interaction is always great.”

DeVol is glad he found a banking partner that knows how to work with entrepreneurs like him.

“I can’t say enough about how capable and willing to assist us they are,” said DeVol. “I have great confidence in Revere’s abilities and growth.”

At Revere Bank, our partnerships put businesses on the fast track to success. We’re proud of the relationships we’ve built with local businesses to help improve the economies and communities of our customers and employees.

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