Partnerships that Matter: Digging Deeper

When Sam Lennon, president and CEO of L2 Defense, a Maryland-based government contractor that was named the 2018 fastest growing private company in Baltimore, was looking for a banking partner to provide financing for his company, he met with 10 area banks. One bank stood out among the rest.

“Revere was by far the easiest to work with. They provided the best terms and the most beneficial long-term relationship,” said Lennon. “Revere was willing to listen to the entire story and to dig deeper to see what makes the company. What I got from larger banks were standard forms where you had to meet their exact criteria, or you didn’t get attention.”

From the start, Lennon was impressed with the bank’s cooperative processes.

“I met with the lending team early on and had the opportunity to talk with them directly,” added Lennon. “They were the people making the decision on my application, and they made it based on getting to know me directly, not just what they saw on paper.”

Lennon relies on his banker’s input and has seen a lot of value in his partnership with Revere.

“I’ve built a great relationship with my banker. He looks out for what’s best for the business above all else,” said Lennon. “I bounce ideas off him often – from different financial maneuvers to general business ideas. He, in turn, gives me feedback from a business standpoint and suggests ways that the bank can support. It makes my brainstorming and planning much more solid when I have a banker’s perspective and backing.”

L2 Defense’s partnership with Revere helps Lennon in meeting his goal of growing the company.

“Revere gives us the financial stability to be bold about how we grow,” added Lennon. “Revere is a bank that really wants you to be successful and is willing to invest in your growth.”

When Lennon thinks of Revere, there’s one word that comes to mind.

“The key term is partner. I look at Revere as our partner in business,” said Lennon. “The entire bank believes in what they are doing and what we are doing, and there isn’t a lot of disconnect between my banker and the people supporting the banking processes in the background.”

At Revere Bank, our partnerships help businesses become even more successful. We’re proud of the relationships we’ve built with local businesses to help improve the communities we serve.

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