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Partnerships that Matter: Building a Medical Practice – and a Trusted Relationship

Dr. Richard Garden balances multiple endeavors as a business owner. He leads Chesapeake Oral Surgery Associates and owns several commercial properties with his wife. Keeping track of all the details that go along with running multiple businesses hasn’t always gone smoothly for Dr. Garden – until he was referred to Revere Bank.

“With my previous bank, I was trying to purchase the building for my practice and things got held up for months,” said Dr. Garden. “As soon as I was put in touch with Revere, their team produced a settlement in less than 30 days, and we were able to move forward.”

After transferring his entire portfolio over to Revere, Dr. Garden’s partnership with the Revere team has provided additional benefits.

“Revere is an integral and vital partnership with my practice and other endeavors,” added Dr. Garden. “Running multiple businesses, I sometimes miss minor details. With my former bank, it was punishing. The Revere team will call me or reach out to let me know what’s needed instead. They look out for me and my businesses.”

As a business owner, Dr. Garden is always looking for ways to grow his businesses. The Revere team has proved to be a valuable asset in accomplishing his goals.

“I have always felt when I’m ready to expand or take on a new project that Revere is there and supportive. I go to the team for advice and they help me make informed decisions that will be right for my business. I really believe it’s a partnership and they are just as vested in my projects as I am,” said Dr. Garden.

His relationship with the Revere team has been another advantage of switching to Revere.

“The Revere team is approachable, available and ready and willing to help. Everyone I’ve worked with at Revere has been great, and I feel they’ve always done right by me and my wife,” said Garden.

At Revere Bank, our partnerships help businesses become even more successful. We’re proud of the relationships we’ve built with local businesses to help improve the communities we serve.

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