Partnerships that Matter: Supporting Vital Missions


When your company’s mission impacts critical research for breast cancer and autism, there is no time to waste. For one small business owner, Derek Johnson, CEO of Ansible Government Solutions, his company’s support of these missions was in jeopardy—until he was introduced to Revere Bank.

“I couldn’t believe how difficult it was for a small business to secure financing and a banking relationship,” said Johnson. “Our company’s growth came so quickly that we could not afford to develop the two years’ of experience that most banks required to offer a line of credit, and our employees were counting on us as a company to take care of them and their families so that they could stay focused on the vital missions they were supporting on behalf of the U.S. Government.”

After beginning his career in the Marine Corps then serving in executive roles at multiple government contractors, Johnson decided to start his own company. He founded Ansible in March 2016 on the premise that a company with a focus on taking extraordinary care of its employees – who then take extraordinary care of the customer – could make a lasting difference and achieve strategic growth.

Ansible almost immediately saw rapid growth after winning a contract with the Department of Homeland Security and then another with the U.S. Army, the company quickly grew from a startup to a multi-million-dollar government contractor with more than 75 employees in just months.

“Without Revere, we would not be able to expand and grow with customers who need our help elsewhere,” Johnson stated. “We could not be there for our employees and their families in times of need.  Simply put, without Revere Bank as our financial partner, we could not achieve our vision to make a lasting impact.”

As a new business owner, Johnson quickly realized the challenges he would face in the operation of his company, and the importance of a banking partner.

“Perhaps what impresses me most [about Revere] is just how available they are to me on a daily basis.  Because of this availability and their transparency, I can lean on them as thought leaders to help me to evaluate potential investments and commitments so I can make the best possible decisions for my employees and our customers. They are a true partner,” he said.

As CEO of Ansible, Johnson is committed to providing for his employees and customers. Finding a banking partner that shared these values was an important factor.

“I honestly believe that the Revere team cares about Ansible, our customers and employees — we are not just a balance sheet to them,” he said. “I didn’t think I’d find a bank who shared my vision to take such personal care of its partners and its customers. Revere went beyond just the numbers and engaged with us on a personal level to ensure that they were the best possible fit. They are committed to Ansible and to helping us achieve our strategic vision.”

Johnson frequently gets asked about how he manages the quick growth and success of his company.

“One of the most common questions I get from other small businesses is ‘How has Ansible been able to grow and invest the way it has?’” Johnson added. “I point them back to Revere and tell them that I don’t just have a bank; I have financial partner committed to our success.”

At Revere Bank, our partnerships put businesses on the fast track to success. We’re proud of the relationships we’ve built with local businesses to help improve the economies and communities of our customers and employees.

Blake Phillips, Ansible; Alicia Fields, Revere Bank; Derek Johnson, Ansible.

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