Partnerships that Matter: Protecting Those in Need

When your mission is helping protect people who need it most, there is no time or money to waste.

Shared Horizons is a D.C.-area nonprofit that manages pooled trusts, helping protect the personal finances of those with special needs. The Shared Horizons team works to improve quality of life and to protect each client’s benefits. The team relies on Revere Bank to maximize its finances and implement a convenient, easy-to-use banking strategy.

“Shared Horizons is truly person centered. We consider the beneficiaries’ needs in every decision we make so everything is individualized,” said Yolanda Mazyck, Shared Horizons executive director. “This attention requires a lot of hands-on focus from our bank. When you’re dealing with a bank or banking system that’s not easily accessible, it prevents us from what we need to do.”

The Revere nonprofit team has been working with Shared Horizons since 2013 to implement the most efficient, easy-to-use banking strategy so its team members are able to efficiently provide the services their beneficiaries need.

“Revere’s easy access and ease of banking business strategy allows us to do what we need for our beneficiaries so we can accomplish our mission, without a lot of down time,” said Tresa Welch, Shared Horizons deputy director. “The ability to make remote deposits and the online access lets us focus on what’s most important – the people who we serve.”

Mazyck also appreciates the customer service her organization receives from Revere’s nonprofit team.

“With Revere, we feel like our business is important,” Mazyck added. “Whenever we’ve had an issue, we are helped within minutes. Even the senior vice president of the nonprofit team personally reached out to us to make sure our problem was resolved, and he followed up a few days later – that is customer service done right!”


At Revere Bank, our partnerships help businesses become even more successful. We’re proud of the relationships we’ve built with local businesses to help improve the communities we serve.

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