Partnerships that Matter: Building Connected Communities Together


Building connected communities requires input from all community members – from businesses to individuals. That’s why Revere Bank is proud to work with Impact Silver Spring, a local nonprofit working to build and sustain community-based networks that ignite local inclusive economies and vibrant communities.

“A bank like Revere is rare these days,” said Michael Rubin, Impact Silver Spring Managing Director. “A bank that tries to be involved in the communities our organization is trying to build helps everyone.”

Rubin appreciates seeing his banking team out in the community donating their time and resources.

“We see our bankers out in the community – which is a connected community we’re trying to create,” added Rubin. “The personal touch Revere has is nice. I always feel like I have a friend, and if we have any questions, we have someone we actually know to go to.”

Impact Silver Spring has been a Revere customer for more than two years where they work with Revere’s nonprofit team to implement an efficient banking relationship and maximize finances.

“The Revere nonprofit team helps us make decisions,” said Rubin. “We’re earning interest we wouldn’t earn at other banks right now – and that certainly helps us as a nonprofit.”

Rubin is grateful for the banking relationship his organization has built with Revere.

“Revere’s been great for us. We wish all our partners were equally as responsive and connected in our community,” added Rubin. “Revere is a good role model for other businesses.”


At Revere Bank, our partnerships help businesses become even more successful. We’re proud of the relationships we’ve built with local businesses to help improve the communities we serve.

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