Partnerships That Matter: Banking on Healthy Pets with Rocky Gorge Animal Hospital

Not every bank can say it helps keep animals safe, healthy and happy. Here at Revere Bank, we do just that through our banking partnership with Rocky Gorge Animal Hospital.

While many banks focus exclusively on financials, Revere emphasizes building relationships and partnering in success with local businesses that are making a difference. Rocky Gorge is a perfect example. The state-of-the-art animal hospital joined Revere a year ago and couldn’t be happier with the decision.

“They’re an incredible business partner and absolutely the best bank I’ve worked with for the past 30 years,” said Dr. Steven Wolchinsky, managing partner and veterinarian. “It’s hard to find a bank that cares more about you and your business than their bottom line.”

The facility is one of the most advanced animal-care centers in the Mid-Atlantic region and provides veterinary services, surgical procedures, a pet resort, 24-hour emergency care and more. In addition to taking care of furry critters, the Rocky Gorge team also gives back to the community through its volunteer opportunities, recycling program and educational contributions.

By financing the animal hospital, Revere supports Rocky Gorge in teaching youth groups about animal care, helping veterinary students and contributing to critical animal welfare services.

Dr. Wolchinsky also noted that Revere’s personal touch is what convinced him to become a customer. Rocky Gorge followed banker Bruce Hollander to Revere after Bruce switched banks. Shortly after, Revere Bank President Ken Cook visited the hospital to learn more about Dr. Wolchinsky and his business.

Taking time to learn about the animals’ needs, veterinary processes and big-picture aspects of Rocky Gorge is what makes Revere stand out, according to Dr. Wolchinsky. He also mentioned the friendly, personal service at Revere.

“It’s not a teller at a window. You walk in and you feel like you’re family every time. It’s like old-time business used to be,” he said.

Dr. Wolchinsky calls his move to Revere one of the best business decisions he’s made.

When considering our shared values that equate exceptional customer service and caring for the community – and in this case, cats and dogs, too – with success, we have to call it one of our best decisions too.


Here’s what Rocky Gorge had to say about Revere on WTOP.


Revere Bank Senior Vice President Bruce Hollander and Rocky Gorge’s Dr. Wolchinsky.
Revere Bank Senior Vice President Bruce Hollander and Rocky Gorge’s Dr. Wolchinsky.

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