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Business Savings Accounts

Revere Bank provides business savings account options tailored to the needs of your business. Keep reading to learn how our personalized approach to your business savings account allows us to provide flexible options that maximize the amount of interest you earn.

If you’d like to speak with a business account representative who will gladly answer all of your questions, please call 866-920-8185. Or click here to fill out an online contact form and we’ll respond promptly.

Open A Savings Account Customized For Your Business

With the right commercial savings account, your business’ excess funds could be put to work earning even more money for you.

We have options available that can take advantage of even small initial deposits, and the flexibility to give you access to your funds when you need them most.

Whether you own a small business or a large corporation, we’ll provide the personal service and options necessary to grow your savings. Explore our options below to learn which business savings account is right for you.

Get Immediate Access to Your Savings With a Money Market Account

For business customers who need the flexibility and security of being able to access, withdraw and deposit savings at any time, we offer a competitive money market account.

Our business money market account will allow you to earn competitive interest rates* and maintain complete control over your money. Deposit, transfer or withdraw your money at any time:

  • By Check
  • At the ATM
  • Online

*Your interest rate may increase or decrease as your daily balance fluctuates.

To learn more about the money you could be earning in a business money market account, contact us today at 866-920-8185.

Depend On Fixed Rate Earnings With Certificates of Deposits

If you have excess funds available that you won’t need access to for a predetermined amount of time, you can take advantage of the high fixed interest rates guaranteed by a FDIC-insured certificate of deposit (CD).

Because your savings will earn a fixed rate of interest determined by the length of your investment, you can determine exactly how much your savings will mature from the outset of your investment.

Because we know your business has its own unique needs, we offer flexible CD terms ranging from only one month to as many as sixty.

An account representative will be happy to sit down with you and discuss which plan will work best for your business—ensuring you earn the most interest possible while retaining the level of access you need.

Contact Revere For More Information Today

If you’re ready to open a business savings account in Maryland, call 866-920-8185 today. Or click here to contact us online.

At Revere Bank, we offer savings accounts designed to help grow your Main Street business. Take advantage of our personal approach and flexible options designed to accommodate your individual needs. Contact us today and learn how we can help you put your excess funds to work earning more money for you.

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