How to Get the Best Commercial Mortgage Rates for Your Business

September 5, 2013

Getting a great commercial mortgage rate can mean a huge difference in the total cost of the loan. Even differences of a fraction of a percent can add up to hundreds of thousands of dollars, depending on the size of the loan. Getting good rates from a commercial mortgage bank can also mean saving thousands […]

6 Advantages of Opening a Commercial Line of Credit

September 2, 2013

Whether starting a business or growing an existing one, all business owners know that working capital is essential to smooth and successful operations. Choosing the right source of that working capital, however, can be tricky. Many business owners are not sure whether they should open a commercial line of credit, use a commercial credit card, […]

10 Things Business Owners Should Know About Commercial Bank Loan Interest Rates

August 29, 2013

Running a business often requires amounts of capital which may not be feasible given your cash-flow situation. Even when cash-flow is not a problem or a business has large cash reserves, it’s often more practical or makes more financial sense to take out a loan for large expansion or growth opportunities. After all, a good […]

5 Tips on How to Build Business Credit

August 2, 2013

Trying to build business credit can feel like a Catch-22 to small business owners – you need a strong credit history to get a loan, but it’s hard to develop that credit history if you can’t get a loan in the first place. Yet, a strong credit history can lower your interest rates and open […]

How to Prepare for a Bank Loan Meeting

According to a recent Intuit Future of Small Business Report, there are signs that credit is beginning to trickle out to small businesses again. In fact, the report states that, “Credit remains available to fuel small business dreams, if you know where to look – and how to qualify.” If that news weren’t enough to […]