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What’s a Small Business Term Loan And Is It Right For Me?

March 25, 2014

Is a Small Business Term Loan Right for Your Company? Looking for capital to make a large business purchase or provide working capital for your company can be a long, arduous process, with many small business owners not fully understanding the process. With so many options to consider, it can be difficult to focus in on one to determine if it might be right for your business. The fact that banking jargon can vary so much between commercial lending and consumer lending doesn’t help things one bit. Many first-time business owners looking for a point of reference in their own …

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3 Ways Your Banker Can Help your Small Business Development

March 18, 2014

Many first-time small business owners see their relationship with their business bank as being entirely one way. They deposit money, they take out money, they write checks – all the interactions focus solely on what people think of as traditional banking services. This isn’t surprising, given that large national and regional banking chains work very hard to cultivate just this type of a relationship with their customers. It often comes as a surprise to many business owners that their bank can be a huge asset in terms of small business development. Your banker can be a huge source of value …

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What Small Business Banking Services Should Your Bank Offer?

March 11, 2014

Shopping for a small business bank can be a confusing experience. First-time business owners, especially, can have difficulty anticipating the small business banking services their business will need. We often have new small business owners coming in without a strong understanding of what services they need their community bank to provide, and what small business banking services they’re likely to need as they grow. The problem is that the services that a small business needs aren’t the same services that many consumers use. So while someone shopping for a consumer bank might be swayed by how close a bank is …

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How Do Escrow Services Work for Small Businesses?

March 7, 2014

Escrow services is a term that many small business owners have heard, but many might not know exactly what it is, how it works, and how it can benefit them. While there are some industries that use escrow services more than others, there are a few distinct situations in which every business owner will likely need to use an escrow account. To help clarify how escrow accounts can be used and how they can benefit business transactions, we’ve rounded up some information for small business owners. What are Escrow Services? An escrow is a deposit of funds for goods or …

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How To Use A Money Market Account For Your Small Business

March 4, 2014

Advantages of Money Market Account for Small Business Money market accounts have grown in vogue for personal savings, often replacing savings accounts as the place where savvy customers park their money. This isn’t terribly surprising, since money market accounts often carry significantly higher interest rates than savings accounts, while keeping risk very low. But while money market accounts have taken off in the consumer space, many business owners still don’t realize the advantages of money market accounts for small business. The advantages of a money market account for a small business are much the same as they are for an …

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Business Bank Account Requirements: What You Should Know

September 17, 2013

Opening a business bank account is an integral part of running your business, whether you’re a solo practitioner, entrepreneur or have a full employee roster. The importance of keeping your business funds separate from your personal finances can’t be overstated, and setting up a business bank account early in the life of your company can help make accounting and managing cash flow a much easier task. With that said, there are some basic business bank account requirements that you’ll need to have prepared before you show up at the bank. Most of these items are things you should already have …

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The Benefits of an Online Bank for Business

September 16, 2013

Online banking is nothing new these days – many individuals and businesses alike have been making the move to online banks for both the convenience and the wide range of services. However, many businesses still aren’t aware of the major benefits of online banking, and are still relegating themselves to banking in person at their local financial institution. Recent technology has made doing business infinitely more simple, whether that means having teams working remotely or doing business with overseas clients. It’s never been easier to start and grow a business, and your bank should be able to help support that …

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How to Choose the Best Small Business Bank Accounts

September 15, 2013

There’s no shortage of small business bank accounts, but choosing the right small business account for your company can be a tough decision. Before choosing a business bank account, it’s important to weigh a couple of key factors that will help make this choice a much easier one – and ensure that the small business bank account you go with will actually fit the needs of both you and your company. So what factors are the most important when choosing the best small business bank accounts? We’re going to look at the three most common factors that help determine which …

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How to Compare Small Business Bank Accounts to Find the Right One for You

September 14, 2013

Before any business opens a small business bank account, it’s important to do a little comparison shopping. There’s a wide variety of small business banking options and each comes with their own set of pros and cons. So how do you go about comparing small business bank accounts? Take a look at these important considerations first: What is the Monthly Maintenance Fee? Monthly maintenance fees for a small business bank account can vary in cost, so make sure that you’re comfortable with the cost of maintaining an account before you sign up. Additionally, some banks will waive the monthly maintenance …

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5 Steps You Need to Take When Starting a Business Bank Account

September 13, 2013

One of the first things you’ll need to tackle after starting a new small business is setting up a business bank account. There’s a lot of different types of accounts available to small business owners, so the longest part of the process will likely be figuring out what type of account will work best for your company. Luckily, after you figure that part out, starting a business bank account isn’t all that difficult. There are, however, five essential steps you need to take to get started and start banking like a business pro. 1. Choose the Best Type of Account …

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